Our Process

Retail Pak can manage your project from concept and design to manufacturing and delivery.

DESIGN: Design is vision, creativity and function all working together. We can work with your agency or directly with your brand team to create the perfect presentation for your product in the marketplace. This process starts with learning your goals and objectives for the piece and then shaping ideas around a design that delivers.

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3D RENDERING: Seeing is believing. That’s why our designers and engineers take descriptions and drawings off of napkins, scratch paper or a digital file and develop a 3D rendering that brings your ideas to life. This is many ways is the place that your vision comes alive.



PROTOTYPE: “What good is dreaming if you don’t actually do it?” – Honda Corporation.

Once we finalize a design our sample team will build a hand sample of the final product. This proves to be one of the most exciting steps in the process. With the actual product in hand we review for any tweaks or modifications before we start production.










PRODUCTION: We’ve substantially minimized the risks of overseas manufacturing by opening and managing our own factory in southern China. Now the final product you’ve envisioned will be realized and delivered on time and within cost parameters. Our hands-on managers from the US and Europe will be here every step of the way to ensure your total satisfaction.










DELIVERY: With significant experience in the Pacific Rim, we have the contacts and the logistical edge when a container needs extra paperwork or customs decides they have a question. Our team will be on site, speaking the local language and communicationg  exactly what is needed to keep things moving and arriving on schedule.